Agents of the Thone

Hive Desoleum: The Screaming Wheel, Further down the Spire.

Amsec addled thoughts…

:: Visivious is relaxing with one of his private stock of high quality Amsec. ::

I do hate going lower into the spires. Further from the Apex, from culture and at least a semi-tactful and gentile state… and this is only the main hive, truth be told. I am glad that Guljian’s oath- bound bodyguard, Sank Strenwell, at least knew where this place was and saw the individual in question, “Skinner.” A Babyface, which are in turn members of the Cloudboys, slumming down-hive and gladly and, I wish to believe ignorantly, helping to destroy those of a more rarified society that he was born from.

The debacle at the bar was completely unnecessary and could have been avoided, and I do not question the Inquisitor, may the Emperor bless and protect him and his Acolytes as we do our work. Yet I do not know why this former Arbite and Guardsman are here. What do they provide? Muscle, yes, but neither shall ever be blamed for their being deceptively subtle. Claiming that they might be a noble’s bodyguard as a ruse only initially works due to the wanton destruction that must issue forth from them at any opportunity. I know that there shall be times that we shall be thankful for their presence, to be sure, but while attempting clandestine investigations? It is like trying to tread lightly across snow so as not to disturb, while an avalanche is caused that you try and deny came from your compatriots.

Thankfully “Skinner” did not question that they were with us when we first inserted ourselves into the situation at the local drinking hole, The Screaming Wheel. I am truly glad that haggling and trade has made me at least a decent liar, when he later did question. I have never been one to deny my allies, and do not feel comfortable in doing so., but we must do what we must, yes? I just do not like it.

:: Waving his hand in front of his face as if to disperse a foul smell, he continues. ::

Only by the Emperor’s Grace and my own quick wits, was I able to salvage a truly good introduction to Mr. Holthane from that fetid mess, after all the violence happened. I must say that “saving” him from the Arbite oppressors that stormed the place was a veritable stroke of genius if I do say so myself.

:: Visivious laughs a good natured burst, before calmly taking a last sip and becoming more serious. ::

I must cringe though, as we have to await to see what is going to come of this meeting.



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