Agents of the Thone

The Aftermath of Port Gyre
Demonhosts... Thought they were tough?

::Once regrouped, after slogging back to the port upon the conclusion of the chase of the apparent Mechanicus, Visivious addresses everyone.::

There is a web here.. It pervades this hive and begins right under our feet in this port. We must follow the web to where it’s multitude of points end. And Mr. Anteshern, He is the spider, and he is going to show us how this web is made. With his assistance, we are going to find out where this Lighter came from, and track it back to it’s source. That will be the, relatively, easy part. What must be done to stop the trade of these artifacts after that is unknown, but sorting through the paperwork of this office to destroy this web witin the hive will take time, even for Conrad, even with a Prefect of the Auctoriates Porteus. There is much to find out and I must use any luxury of time that we may be able to squeeze out of the present. I need him, and we need him, and Mr Anteshern is going to be so thankful for being able to help us that he is going to be of further assistance when our cargo starts to arrive from the disparate locations we have requisitioned it from. A permanent ear upon the comings and goings of one of the larger ports in the city, with connections to the others, is going to be very helpful to us indeed.

::Visivious looks at everyone assembled, milling about, cleaning weapons and what have you.::

I do not mean to attempt to make our plan of action. I have no vaunted skill in investigation and small unit tactics, I have many skills and capabilities, but those are not among them, yet. I am not trying to exert some sort of control over our little band, things just need to be done and quickly.

This is merely how I see things at the present. Thoughts?

Conrad we must begin tracking the Lighter back to its origin, and see what else might be found out from or salvaged from the wreckage, if anything more..

Hive Desoleum: Port Gyre; Conspiracy, conflagrations, and complications, A Demonhost arrives.
What has just happened?

I must relate this to someone, how do we handle this, can we even begin to?

I look to Cassius and he understands, I mentally send him my thoughts, and what I would think one would appear like. He understands, and says that we must inform the others. I can only agree. He relates to the rest, as a member of the Ministorum I would think he would be able to explain such better than I. Things become deathly quiet as we arrive. The battle psyker ensures Holthane a quick and unmistakably permanent death before I can suggest otherwise as we depart the vehicle.

Holthane, I am sure that his passing shall not be missed, though I was not finished with him. There was more that could have been gleaned, were it not for our most… assertive, ally, but time is shorter than I would like.

Perhaps a bit stridently, we enter into the Officio Auctoriate Porteus. Immediately a weasely, nervous looking man gathers some papers on his desk and bolts for the door on the far side of the expansive office. You cannot hide guilt. Cassius demands in the name of the Emperor that he stop, at least he did not announce that we were Inquisition… but this actually does startle the man. He is quickly caught outside and informs us, under duress, that indeed the Beta-Sky is on final approach to platform Tertius 9. I do see the truth of this as I am in his head though.

“That ship cannot be allowed to land!” I know not what else to do or say, there is no time.

Conrad calmly took out his vox caster and has a rushed conversation with, I find out, a Mechanicus ship that happens to be in near orbit. I recall that he has great friends amongst their number. I hear plasma discharge so loud it could only be main guns of a ship within the atmosphere of the planet.

The Mechanicus easily brought down the lighter. Opening fire with their main battery, the flaming mass of its carcass prostrating itself upon the port’s docks, the Arvus 341 Beta-sky is dead.

We have killed the Demonhost!

Conrad heads directly for the pilot’s cabin and speaks with the ships cogitator and downloads much to his dataslate to later sift through. Hopefully we shall find the origin of the Arvus lighter and track back the voidship or origin point of this deadly cargo. As we worked our way through the wreckage, ostensibly looking for survivors, I noted amongst the remains of the crew were four pale, gaunt figures, their flesh branded with runic sigils. Cassius confirms my thoughts, they are rogue psykers. They were found near a hefty stasis capsule that looks like it may have been barely damaged in the fall, yet has been exploded outwards as if something had torn itself free. Similar runes have been engraved in the surface of the stasis pod. Silver chains are scattered about the pod, and on close inspection, I find minuscule runes also etched onto each link. I collect the chains, and we appropriate the pod.

It had almost gone free, the Emperor’s face has smiled upon us!

Cassius sensed the shell of the Demonhost nearby, but not within the wreakage, it must have been ejected in the crash. Just as we emerge from the wreakage, we see a group of men, servitors and someone who appears to be a Magos of the Cult Mechanicus. They attempt to make off with the husk! The distance is great and they make the loading tunnels well ahead of us, accompanied by half a dozen toughs. A bewildering maze of crates, some newly placed, some dust of ages upon them litter the pathways. Squatters, bums, and those spaced out of their minds only add to the detritus. Luckily, Cassius is able to track the unnatural scent of the Demon’s spoor. We nearly catch them and a protracted battle ensues, with the Heretek escaping through a collapsing passageway barring our way, and effectively stopping the chase…

Hive Desoleum: Three Stakes’ Rest, Mr. Holthane, I presume?
Visivious, Alone in his Anger and frustration…

:: Visivious is seething in his thoughts as the car races to Port Gyre. His eyes are hot, rimmed in red, an unconscious Holthane lies next to him. There is a shuttle that must be intercepted. ::


No, wait, How did this all start?

“Skinner”, The Meeting with Holthane, the sector shattering knowledge of what was to come…

After my well crafted tale, false interrogations, acting worth the accolades of the adoring masses, and cementing the trust of “Skinner”, a buy was set between Holthane and myself. The location of said buy was colloquially known as Three Stakes’ Rest, more and extension of the lower hive than an overused and subsequently abandoned manufactorum of the middle hive. It was defendable and with high ground achieved by his men through the rusting catwalks that still, albeit barely, remained suspended above us throughout the complex.

Yet once again… the guardsman starts to pick a fight? What in all the Emperor’s glorious light was that meant to do? Smoothly insert us into the situation? And what was Conrad thinking?! I have the artifact in sight and very nearly in my possession when Conrad attempts to clumsily stab Holthane with a narcojet filled with Tranq… All goes to hell. The Emperor truly hates me.

I am stunned. I cannot move, I cannot react, I can only watch transfixed in horror as it happens. Conrad produces a syringe; he almost presents it to Holthane and then proceeds to slam it into his neck. Actually succeeding! I do not know who is more shocked, myself, or Holthane. Then Conrad somehow has 2 Frags in his hands that he throws to the catwalks and explode, raining rust and falling henchmen everywhere. I do not know what to do. I run. I do not help anyone, I do not grab the artifact, I just run, it is primal, it is survival. I hear shots ring out, but overwhelming all else I here the report of the largest gun I have ever heard and the sickening scream of Conrad. When gunfire has subsided, I emerge to find he was shot with a bolt pistol by Holthane. His leg is utterly destroyed, and I believe that he very nearly died. Holthane survives rendered inert by the Tranq, all others are dead, the artifact destroyed but still radiating the sickly sweet signature of the Warp. It is collected, we must continue on.

So much is purloined from his head, dealings, suppliers, contacts, records, emergency stash, layouts, buyers, but hitting me like a wave of soul chilling cold, A Demonhost, this is the delivery he was anxious to be present for, alacrity is paramount.

En route I find that Holthane’s oath cog grants access to Port Gyre’s loading tunnels. It is stamped with the seal of the Port Gyre Auctoriate Porteus, and he has a contact within Port Gyre, a conspirator in the Officio Auctoriate Porteus, Prefect Gaius Anteshern, who he has been paying to doctor the flight records of one particular shuttle, over and over again. An Arus lighter, the 341 Beta-Sky. It contains what we fear, and it is about to land.

Hive Desoleum: The Screaming Wheel, Further down the Spire.
Amsec addled thoughts…

:: Visivious is relaxing with one of his private stock of high quality Amsec. ::

I do hate going lower into the spires. Further from the Apex, from culture and at least a semi-tactful and gentile state… and this is only the main hive, truth be told. I am glad that Guljian’s oath- bound bodyguard, Sank Strenwell, at least knew where this place was and saw the individual in question, “Skinner.” A Babyface, which are in turn members of the Cloudboys, slumming down-hive and gladly and, I wish to believe ignorantly, helping to destroy those of a more rarified society that he was born from.

The debacle at the bar was completely unnecessary and could have been avoided, and I do not question the Inquisitor, may the Emperor bless and protect him and his Acolytes as we do our work. Yet I do not know why this former Arbite and Guardsman are here. What do they provide? Muscle, yes, but neither shall ever be blamed for their being deceptively subtle. Claiming that they might be a noble’s bodyguard as a ruse only initially works due to the wanton destruction that must issue forth from them at any opportunity. I know that there shall be times that we shall be thankful for their presence, to be sure, but while attempting clandestine investigations? It is like trying to tread lightly across snow so as not to disturb, while an avalanche is caused that you try and deny came from your compatriots.

Thankfully “Skinner” did not question that they were with us when we first inserted ourselves into the situation at the local drinking hole, The Screaming Wheel. I am truly glad that haggling and trade has made me at least a decent liar, when he later did question. I have never been one to deny my allies, and do not feel comfortable in doing so., but we must do what we must, yes? I just do not like it.

:: Waving his hand in front of his face as if to disperse a foul smell, he continues. ::

Only by the Emperor’s Grace and my own quick wits, was I able to salvage a truly good introduction to Mr. Holthane from that fetid mess, after all the violence happened. I must say that “saving” him from the Arbite oppressors that stormed the place was a veritable stroke of genius if I do say so myself.

:: Visivious laughs a good natured burst, before calmly taking a last sip and becoming more serious. ::

I must cringe though, as we have to await to see what is going to come of this meeting.

Hive Desoleum: Dead Nobles, Too many questions.
Visivious' thoughts over a game of Regicide.

:: A drifting fog of smoke winds about the room, covering the board in a sort of forced fog of war, and almost seemingly, physically, connects the two players together. There is the smell of incense, Iho and perhaps something more in the air. ::

Some Nobles living up spire, need to go away. Ask me this again and I shall unequivocally deny even speaking to you, and have you arrested by the local Arbites…

Yet, some do, but random warp-influenced removal of said personages is dangerous, even in the lower hives this can be problematic, if it happens at targeted locations or in great enough numbers, as this causes a ripple in the normal pattern of life in Hive Desoleum. And while the more powerful Nobles can handle and thrive with this vacuum, there are those lessers, who task themselves too much and overextend, causing problems and invite poorly thought through deals with those they can not hope to benefit or profit from. Those living further down the spire might not be able to fill the work quotas that are depended upon by those around them and then even ultimately those above. There is a system in place and while many may not like their place within it, it is their duty to maintain such an existance none the less. Without this society itself deteriorates, much like Juno itself is doing..

It is not known, yet, where these items came from or if they are even the same or many differing pieces of Archeotech or malignantly Warp-touched things. If someone is using bored Nobles greed of things new and something that one of their peer’s do not possess, this is a very dangerous precedent indeed.

:: Check ::

The Arbite did well to inquire and, acquire the files as to what has happened so far to the other nobles and other peripheral information concerning the items involved. It did not help having Cassius bandy the Inquisition’s name about, but amongst an Arbite chapter house, I believe that to be a better alternative than other avenues. I must return to said chapter house though, as to try and ensure that the personage that gathered the other items in question truly was Inquisition and not someone recycling such malefic things for their own purposes.

It seems rumors circulate even now about deaths among the Nobles, this must be controlled and used to our advantage. It is unfortunate that Guljian could not be saved, I am sure more could’ve been learned from him, though I was not about to chance being tainted by attempting to read the thoughts of one in his state, when we were finally able to access him. Securing this Orb, and knowing a face and organization of the supplier, as well as some assistance from the bodyguard can only be the Emperor’s fortune smiling upon us. I think, we, and truly all of us, have done well initially, though much more is ahead of us.

:: I believe that is Mate, my friend ::

I must remember to inquire upon the Guljian Estates, perhaps they can be better utilized by us, and thereby, the Inquisition, even if they are sooo far down the Spire…

:: Visivious stretches and lounges back, and starts to drift off, a contented smile upon his beautific face… ::

Hey All, Just quick thoughts and recap of the last game in a more narrative style than bullet points :) Hope you enjoy.

I need to go back to that Chapter house and speak with whoever had custody of the items/ evidence room, and do a little probing.

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