Visivious Paal

Noble Born, Imperially Sanctioned Psyker


Born into luxury so very few know, Visivious could have spent days beyond count within the family’s lavish estates. The fog of idleness could not even be dispelled for him in seeing some of the lesser relatives that actually had to work for a day or two out of the month, or was it every other quarter? But he did not go down the path of decadent self destruction as so many in his situation have though, for he had access to the best tutors, and vast libraries of knowledge. He learned everything he could about the Askellon’s and other nearby, sectors systems, voidlanes and the family holdings and business. Visivious learned that not only a large part of the trade combine, the family holds a Warrant of Trade, dating back to before the Askellon Sector was colonized, and must be part of the reason or condition of the issue of Warrant. Anything more than that has been lost to time, at least as far as he is aware… With the establishment of the sector, so too were hereditarily claimed void lanes, which no doubt further helped the family dynasty grow. Occasionally some time was found to go hunting across the rolling plains and woodlands of Terminus, and became quite good with a hunting lance and staff. Most time, besides his studies and pouring over starcharts, was spent helping and learning logistics or basic work on the bridge of one of the families voidships.

It was the big ships that always held an awe for him, and Visivious is extremely well traveled for one of his age, and standing, since most of the uber rich have nothing to even leave their beds for. He has traveled to all the systems in the Grand Processional, and many of the lesser systems as well. It was one such trip that his powers manifested in his early adolescence. He had traveled on many of the family’s slow and massive cargo ships, but this was his first trip into the warp. He was aboard a Naval battle cruiser under his uncle’s command, with his Mother, who is a powerful Astropath Trancendent. It was she that heard him exclaim in her mind when they translated into the Immaterium. It was also under her, and the entire extended family of developed psykers, tutelage that he thrived until the coming of the Black Ships. This has long been the way of things, being that so many psykers are given birth to such a strongminded linage.

Visivious had gained a powerful base upon which to further refine his powers. That he would not return from the voyage on the Black Ships was never a thought and not an option for him. He simply saw it as a foregone conclusion and further duty to his family and the Emperor. He may have a personal over estimation of his own abilities, but has a confidence that does not waver.

It would be 12 years before he would return from Holy Terra..


The Paal Family have been magnates of the Greater Askellon Trade Combine for as long records have been kept…

Well known as skilled spacefarers, the family knows the void lanes, and is heavily tied to the military and the Navy in particular. 1st born males, and even females, enter the Navy as officers, many as ship captains. With a respect for Military service in general, ground fighting is beneath such a highborn family, though they do end up in many command staff elements planetside.

Said to be Logistical Savants, with familial traits of both Imperial and familial Duty, and a natural ambition ingrained since childhood, they are not above working with all types of traders, Chartist captains, Imperial Navy, Rogue Traders. They are known for having no trouble at their shipping ports being that the family is so important to, and has such a stranglehold on, trade in the sector and through their own standing army security force.

Every generation of the family has always turned out at least one powerful psyker. (Genetic breeding program? Think Dune) They were actually so successful at this that, near a millennia ago, they created a stable splinter which became one of the longest standing Navigator Houses in the Askellon Sector. This has fallen out of knowledge to all but a few.

As many psykers are produced by this family, the children manifesting this trait are given basic training in control over their powers, and to protect themselves from the warp. This is done throughout the entire family of psykers present at anytime, to ensure the newly awakened’s mind is not a free flowing conduit to the darker corners of the Warp, and the safety of the family. They see the Sanctioning as a rite of passage and going to the Black Ships as further duty to the Emperor and the Family with no doubts that they would not survive.

Visivious Paal

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