Agents of the Thone

The Aftermath of Port Gyre

Demonhosts... Thought they were tough?

::Once regrouped, after slogging back to the port upon the conclusion of the chase of the apparent Mechanicus, Visivious addresses everyone.::

There is a web here.. It pervades this hive and begins right under our feet in this port. We must follow the web to where it’s multitude of points end. And Mr. Anteshern, He is the spider, and he is going to show us how this web is made. With his assistance, we are going to find out where this Lighter came from, and track it back to it’s source. That will be the, relatively, easy part. What must be done to stop the trade of these artifacts after that is unknown, but sorting through the paperwork of this office to destroy this web witin the hive will take time, even for Conrad, even with a Prefect of the Auctoriates Porteus. There is much to find out and I must use any luxury of time that we may be able to squeeze out of the present. I need him, and we need him, and Mr Anteshern is going to be so thankful for being able to help us that he is going to be of further assistance when our cargo starts to arrive from the disparate locations we have requisitioned it from. A permanent ear upon the comings and goings of one of the larger ports in the city, with connections to the others, is going to be very helpful to us indeed.

::Visivious looks at everyone assembled, milling about, cleaning weapons and what have you.::

I do not mean to attempt to make our plan of action. I have no vaunted skill in investigation and small unit tactics, I have many skills and capabilities, but those are not among them, yet. I am not trying to exert some sort of control over our little band, things just need to be done and quickly.

This is merely how I see things at the present. Thoughts?

Conrad we must begin tracking the Lighter back to its origin, and see what else might be found out from or salvaged from the wreckage, if anything more..



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