Agents of the Thone

Hive Desoleum: Port Gyre; Conspiracy, conflagrations, and complications, A Demonhost arrives.

What has just happened?

I must relate this to someone, how do we handle this, can we even begin to?

I look to Cassius and he understands, I mentally send him my thoughts, and what I would think one would appear like. He understands, and says that we must inform the others. I can only agree. He relates to the rest, as a member of the Ministorum I would think he would be able to explain such better than I. Things become deathly quiet as we arrive. The battle psyker ensures Holthane a quick and unmistakably permanent death before I can suggest otherwise as we depart the vehicle.

Holthane, I am sure that his passing shall not be missed, though I was not finished with him. There was more that could have been gleaned, were it not for our most… assertive, ally, but time is shorter than I would like.

Perhaps a bit stridently, we enter into the Officio Auctoriate Porteus. Immediately a weasely, nervous looking man gathers some papers on his desk and bolts for the door on the far side of the expansive office. You cannot hide guilt. Cassius demands in the name of the Emperor that he stop, at least he did not announce that we were Inquisition… but this actually does startle the man. He is quickly caught outside and informs us, under duress, that indeed the Beta-Sky is on final approach to platform Tertius 9. I do see the truth of this as I am in his head though.

“That ship cannot be allowed to land!” I know not what else to do or say, there is no time.

Conrad calmly took out his vox caster and has a rushed conversation with, I find out, a Mechanicus ship that happens to be in near orbit. I recall that he has great friends amongst their number. I hear plasma discharge so loud it could only be main guns of a ship within the atmosphere of the planet.

The Mechanicus easily brought down the lighter. Opening fire with their main battery, the flaming mass of its carcass prostrating itself upon the port’s docks, the Arvus 341 Beta-sky is dead.

We have killed the Demonhost!

Conrad heads directly for the pilot’s cabin and speaks with the ships cogitator and downloads much to his dataslate to later sift through. Hopefully we shall find the origin of the Arvus lighter and track back the voidship or origin point of this deadly cargo. As we worked our way through the wreckage, ostensibly looking for survivors, I noted amongst the remains of the crew were four pale, gaunt figures, their flesh branded with runic sigils. Cassius confirms my thoughts, they are rogue psykers. They were found near a hefty stasis capsule that looks like it may have been barely damaged in the fall, yet has been exploded outwards as if something had torn itself free. Similar runes have been engraved in the surface of the stasis pod. Silver chains are scattered about the pod, and on close inspection, I find minuscule runes also etched onto each link. I collect the chains, and we appropriate the pod.

It had almost gone free, the Emperor’s face has smiled upon us!

Cassius sensed the shell of the Demonhost nearby, but not within the wreakage, it must have been ejected in the crash. Just as we emerge from the wreakage, we see a group of men, servitors and someone who appears to be a Magos of the Cult Mechanicus. They attempt to make off with the husk! The distance is great and they make the loading tunnels well ahead of us, accompanied by half a dozen toughs. A bewildering maze of crates, some newly placed, some dust of ages upon them litter the pathways. Squatters, bums, and those spaced out of their minds only add to the detritus. Luckily, Cassius is able to track the unnatural scent of the Demon’s spoor. We nearly catch them and a protracted battle ensues, with the Heretek escaping through a collapsing passageway barring our way, and effectively stopping the chase…



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