Agents of the Thone

Hive Desoleum: Dead Nobles, Too many questions.

Visivious' thoughts over a game of Regicide.

:: A drifting fog of smoke winds about the room, covering the board in a sort of forced fog of war, and almost seemingly, physically, connects the two players together. There is the smell of incense, Iho and perhaps something more in the air. ::

Some Nobles living up spire, need to go away. Ask me this again and I shall unequivocally deny even speaking to you, and have you arrested by the local Arbites…

Yet, some do, but random warp-influenced removal of said personages is dangerous, even in the lower hives this can be problematic, if it happens at targeted locations or in great enough numbers, as this causes a ripple in the normal pattern of life in Hive Desoleum. And while the more powerful Nobles can handle and thrive with this vacuum, there are those lessers, who task themselves too much and overextend, causing problems and invite poorly thought through deals with those they can not hope to benefit or profit from. Those living further down the spire might not be able to fill the work quotas that are depended upon by those around them and then even ultimately those above. There is a system in place and while many may not like their place within it, it is their duty to maintain such an existance none the less. Without this society itself deteriorates, much like Juno itself is doing..

It is not known, yet, where these items came from or if they are even the same or many differing pieces of Archeotech or malignantly Warp-touched things. If someone is using bored Nobles greed of things new and something that one of their peer’s do not possess, this is a very dangerous precedent indeed.

:: Check ::

The Arbite did well to inquire and, acquire the files as to what has happened so far to the other nobles and other peripheral information concerning the items involved. It did not help having Cassius bandy the Inquisition’s name about, but amongst an Arbite chapter house, I believe that to be a better alternative than other avenues. I must return to said chapter house though, as to try and ensure that the personage that gathered the other items in question truly was Inquisition and not someone recycling such malefic things for their own purposes.

It seems rumors circulate even now about deaths among the Nobles, this must be controlled and used to our advantage. It is unfortunate that Guljian could not be saved, I am sure more could’ve been learned from him, though I was not about to chance being tainted by attempting to read the thoughts of one in his state, when we were finally able to access him. Securing this Orb, and knowing a face and organization of the supplier, as well as some assistance from the bodyguard can only be the Emperor’s fortune smiling upon us. I think, we, and truly all of us, have done well initially, though much more is ahead of us.

:: I believe that is Mate, my friend ::

I must remember to inquire upon the Guljian Estates, perhaps they can be better utilized by us, and thereby, the Inquisition, even if they are sooo far down the Spire…

:: Visivious stretches and lounges back, and starts to drift off, a contented smile upon his beautific face… ::

Hey All, Just quick thoughts and recap of the last game in a more narrative style than bullet points :) Hope you enjoy.

I need to go back to that Chapter house and speak with whoever had custody of the items/ evidence room, and do a little probing.



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